Our Beliefs

The beliefs that shape us and to which we adhere are those at the heart of our faith and which are expressed in the historic creeds (from ‘credo’ – meaning ‘I believe’) of the Christian community. We hold that these creeds were formed out of a firm conviction that God has spoken to us through the bible and that our beliefs and practice reflect what he has said there. They tell us that God is and has made all that is. They remind us that we as human beings have rejected Him and run away from Him, but because He loves us as His children He came to us as a human being to rescue us and bring us forgiveness. We also hold that accepting these beliefs, it is not just a matter of having an idea in our heads but something which puts us in touch with God Himself. We can know him and his active presence with us and in us all the time.

Now it is important to know that if these creeds are our core beliefs it is also a fact that there are many different ways of understanding them precisely. There are certainly many, many opinions as to how they should be expressed in practice. We welcome debate and discussion in St Austell Parish. Everyone’s welcome as together we learn what it means to be a disciple, a follower of Jesus. Whoever you are, wherever you are, we welcome you to tread this journey with us.