We believe that one of the most important pocket option assignments we have as the church is to pass on the good news of Jesus to the next generation. To this end we are a community that loves children and young people and is committed to praying that we will see God do an amazing work in this generation.

As well as our fun Family Parties and Chill Out Church, each Sunday at our 10:30 service we have:

Creche for babies and toddlers. Creche meets in the side vestry room at Holy Trinity Church. Konnect Mini’s for children aged 4 to 6, in Reception and Year 1. Konnect Maxi’s for children 6- 10, in years 2 to 6 at school.

Most Sundays children and young people stay pocket options in for the first 20 minutes of the service before leaving for their groups. On either the third or fourth Sunday in the month the children leave promptly at the start of the service to return back into the

adult service at 11:35am to share in communion. At Holy Trinity we welcome children to take communion. On the last Sunday in the month (usually) all the children and young people remain in the 10:30am service for our All In service, when everyone’s all in together.

To find out more, pocket option italia contact Dave Smith our Children’s and Youth Worker